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About us

Over 35 Years Experience In This Industry

Pallet Supplies Co Ltd was established in 1982 by Mr John Rudd. Prior to this, John spent 35 years as a residential builder specialising in high quality homes. John has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and this led him on a journey in to the world of pallets. This transition into pallet manufacturing was a seamless one and presented him with the opportunity of utilizing his building knowledge in an industry that was vastly under stated and simplistic.

In today’s world, pallets are required to operate in highly automated environments using complex conveying, robotics, and automated storage and retrieval systems – the team at Pallet Supplies understand the importance of our role in the material handling chain.

At Pallet Supplies we are able to offer the right mix of product, quality and the service you are looking for. We focus on large market segments and continue to innovate and work with companies who require high volume 24/7 support. We will not compromise our customer’s expectations.

As with every successful business, a good team who uphold common values is critical to its success.

Pallet Supplies was founded with a vision to raise the quality standards and exceed the service levels. In recent years I have taken over the reigns from my father. With a strengthened management structure we have created even more enthusiasm to innovate. We are focused on production streamlining, design and logistics management, our aim is to offer our customers something unique in the pallet industry.

There are many pallet users that only consider the initial price. That is not the market we service. We focus on long term partnerships where overall value is recognised and appreciated.

We look forward to offering you the Pallet Supplies experience.

Brett Rudd

Managing Director