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Keeping Sustainability in the Forefront

Offload surplus pallets and get
money for them in the process.

100% Nz Owned & Manufactured

Need to bulk buy pallets for your company? We sell pallets at competitive prices.


We offer a range of pallets to suit your specific needs, including;

Four-way non-reversible pallet

Two way reversible pallet

Four-way non-reversible knotched pallet


Two way non-reversible pallet

Two Way Skid Pallet


Over 40 Years Experience in This Industry

Pallet Supplies Co Ltd was established in 1982 by Mr John Rudd. Prior to this, John spent 35 years as a residential builder specialising in high quality homes. John has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and this led him on a journey in to the world of pallets.

This transition into pallet manufacturing was a seamless one and presented him with the opportunity of utilizing his building knowledge in an industry that was vastly under stated and simplistic.

Robert Vazey




We offer a range of pallets to suit your specific needs, including

We Manufacture Pallets

Manufacture for export requirements, ISPM 15 Certified, Manufacture times are a standard 5–7 days.

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Leadership Team

Pallet Supplies was founded with a vision to raise the quality standards and exceed the service lavels.

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We Buy & Sell Pallets

We buy and sell new and used pallets, Cut-to-length, Repair services, Pallet management.

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